This website includes a range of completed works from the past two decades as well examples of more continuous themes. Also included are works in development and some examples of much earlier photography.

For a more comprehensive range of the railway related work visit the accompanying website:



Ferroequinology is a new documentary film by Alex Nevill. Two artists enthralled by the uncanny lure of locomotion set out on journeys across America. Andrew Cross chases freight trains through the Black Rock desert in Nevada in pursuit of a perfect landscape shot. Mcnair Evans travels on an Amtrak train from San Francisco to Portland, sharing stories and making portraits with fellow passengers. Desolate carriages take on an otherworldly presence and time loses its grasp in this study of photographers in motion, capturing slow travel in today’s increasingly fast-paced society.

Ferroequinology was selected for the 2022 Slamdance Festival and is currently being screened at select venues and film festivals.